JUNE 2021
Megan walks the length of the Grand Canyon in June and raises £915!

My name is Megan and I made the seemingly foolish decision to walk the length of the Grand Canyon throughout the month of June! Though this might sound like the worst idea ever, it was all in aid of one of the most wonderful charities, Jump. 

Jump is a brilliant charity which takes photographs and creates memories for children with life limiting illnesses and their families. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the families who have had these photo days and I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference it makes! Not only do they get long lasting memories of their loved one, they get a fun day out too! During my placement as a medical student with the paediatric palliative care team, I learnt about the importance of activities like this - children and their families truly benefit from what jump can offer. 

Children’s palliative care can be such a taboo topic, people feel awkward and upset talking about it, but Jump provide a judgement free, happy and enjoyable environment, so that families can experience a fun filled day without the stigma and stress. 

Every time I complained about blisters, or lay in bed considering giving up, all I had to remember was the huge grins on those childrens’ faces while they played and posed - it truly made it all worth while. 

If you can spare your time or money to support this wee charity, you would be doing something phenomenal, every penny makes a huge difference and I know how grateful they are! 


Freddie's family, friends, and community came together at the weekend to raise money for Jump Children's Charity whilst remembering Freddie.

It was a lovely, lively and uplifting atmosphere to share cake and support each other.

JUMP are overwhelmed to hear that together they raised over £2000, this will make a huge difference to us as a small charity and we are extremely grateful for their kindness.

In loving memory of Freddie Williams.

Freddie FB.png
Leanne takes on the London Marathon 

Leanne Angel will take on the London Marathon in October 2022 to raise funds for JUMP.

Originally Leanne was running in April 2020, but sadly the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Leanne wasn't about to give up and has agreed to carry on training so that she can compete in 2022.  We can't begin to thank Leanne enough for taking on this epic challenge in aid of JUMP. 

To date, Leanne has raised over £1400. Can you help her hit her £3000 target?!

You can donate here -