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“I really can't thank JUMP enough for all the hard work they put into creating these amazing moments for us, they really do mean the world to us and the many families they help. We will treasure our amazing memory book forever and will be eternally grateful for all you have done for us as a family”.

My name is Hayley and I’m the very proud mum to three amazing children. Unfortunately my oldest

daughter Holly was born with a life limiting condition that changed us as a family instantly. The doctors sat us down and told us that there was no medicine or treatment that could ever make our little girl better and that we just had to take her home and look after her. This was the most devastating news I've ever been told. Our life changed from that minute, I knew from that moment on I had to make every second count. For as long as I had Holly, I had to make sure every memory we created could be recorded or logged so that I could treasure them forever.

This is how we became involved with the amazing charity JUMP. Our hospice put us in touch with them and I couldn't believe when they told me the services they provide for families like ours, this was everything I always wanted and more.  Lots of people that know me say I'm always taking pictures, some may even moan. What they don't know is, that some day those pictures are all I will have of my little girl, the importance of which I could never put a price on. So when JUMP said they would come and make a memory book for us, to say I was thrilled was an understatement! We chose Holly's Birthday to record the special day and I've got to say the book is one of the most precious things I own. The pictures and the memories they captured were amazing. Pictures of us laughing together or just little gazes that Holly does that mean so much to us. It also gave us that time to just be together and be a family just having fun without one of us worrying who's going to take the picture.


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"Thank you so much JUMP for welcoming us into your family and helping us realise we are not alone"

JUMP!! What a fantastic charity! When Oliver was born with health problems and rushed to Alderhey it was a shock for the whole family. Five weeks of traveling back and to twice a day was not what we had thought his first days would be. It was also hard on our daughter Charlotte who is only 7, she knew her little brother was poorly but didn't really understand.  When we were invited to JUMP’s Christmas party it was a chance not only to talk to families who understood, but a chance for Charlotte to have fun and get spoiled! The photographer's were amazing and our book is wonderful! We have memories forever of an amazing day! Thank you so much JUMP for welcoming us into your family and helping us realise we are not alone.



"The photos taken at the JUMP Christmas Party are beautiful and we are extremely grateful for all of the precious memories that they hold"

Arya was born on the 14th June 2016 with Down’s Syndrome and a massive hole in the heart. She spent several weeks in the neonatal unit at Warrington Hospital, we waited four months for her to have heart surgery at Alder Hey, by which time she had already gone into heart failure. It was an incredibly difficult time for us and Arya’s older siblings Charlotte and Noah but the surgery was a success and Arya is now making excellent progress.


The photos taken at the JUMP Christmas Party are beautiful and we are extremely grateful for all of the precious memories that they hold. It was particularly special for Charlotte and Noah because we have spent so much time apart due to hospital admissions. The party was a special time that we could spend together as a family. Thank you to all of the team at JUMP for inviting us and making it all possible.



As a family we can’t thank jump enough for all the hard work they have put into creating these amazing moments and putting a smile on Rubina’s face.

"Rubina has MPS1 Hurlers syndrome. She has had surgery on her legs, back and a bone marrow transplant. Rubina has spent most of her life in hospital. Just like any other teenager Rubina loves to go out, however due to poor mobility she is restricted to certain activities. 


This is when JUMP became involved. Up until meeting the JUMP team, Rubina has never had a photoshoot.

We are grateful for all the hard work jump has put into creating Rubina’s memory book. The pictures and memories captured were amazing. It has given us the chance to get together as a family. It was a day to remember!”


Tayeeba, Rubina’s Sister 




JUMP news is a seasonal update that keeps you in the loop, from hearing all about the inspirational children we support, through to our fundraising heroes, we've got it covered ! 









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